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[DOWNLOAD] Greek God Program PDF

Le 23 September 2015, 06:25 dans Humeurs 0

Greek God Muscle Building Program

How To Completely Transform Your
Physique Training Just 3 Days Per Week!

Inside the Greek God Muscle Building Program,
You’ll Discover…

  • The 4 essential lifts for building rock-solid muscle
  • The 10 assistance exercises that develop your lagging muscles and help you break through strength plateaus
  • How to maximize your lifting protocol so you can easily build super strength and dense, rock-hard muscle
  • How to master the art of strength progressions so you never hit a strength-building plateau again
  • Why building relative strength is the key to the ultimate Greek God Kinobody Physique
  • Optimal training frequency for maximum strength and muscle gains (the “media” misleads you in a HUGE way with this!)
  • How to incorporate specialization routines for accelerated muscle growth on lagging body parts
  • Low-budget nutrition strategies for building muscle and avoiding fat gain (and actually enjoying the process)
  • How to track your progress so you know exactly how close you are to reaching Greek God Status
  • Why training for the pump doesn't work at building muscle unless you use this one simple technique to stimulate maximum muscle fiber recruitment
  • …And so much more!

Success Story: Scott B.


...After (6 Months Later)

I purchased the Kinobody Greek God Program about six months ago when I saw a YouTube video of Greg O'Gallagher called " the shrink wrap effect ".

I followed the plan and have lost 25 pounds, put on almost 8 pounds of muscle and gone to single digit body fat! That's in 6 months!

I am 45 years old and had been lifting for 30 years. I stuck to the course lifting 3 days per week under the program with 2 to 3 days of light cardio for the first 3 months. Then to just 3 days a week lifting all while cutting my gym time in half! Plus I eat! Through the plan I have learned how to know what my body needs and not restrict myself to torcherous dieting. I would recommend this course to anyone of any age who is serious about gaining muscle and losing fat. All without spending countless hours in the gym, strict dieting or get fit DVDs to get in shape. It's simple to follow and unlike other courses if you ask Gregg a question he will actually get back to you! For the low cost of the course and the support its worth over hundreds of dollars! You can see from my results.

>> Greek God Muscle Building Program <<


[DOWNLOAD] Warrior Shredding Program

Le 23 September 2015, 06:19 dans Humeurs 0

WARRIOR Shredding Program

Inside The Warrior Shredding Program...

You'll unlock everything you need to get more shredded than you ever thought possible...

  • 1 Complete "Warrior Shredding Program" Manual

    This 74-Page comprehensive PDF guide walks you through every step in building the lean and chiseled Kinobody Warrior physique. All the guess work and "Broscience theory" has been stripped away... What's left is the essential, proven plan for getting ripped faster than you ever thought possible - going completely AGAINST what the "mainstream media" tells you to do!

  • 2 Full Workout Training Videos

    Telling you about a workout and explaining exercises is one thing... SHOWING you exactly what to do is another. That's why I actually filmed myself from start to finish working through each one of the workouts so you know exactly how to do every exercise of the program and can follow it with precision.

  • 3 The "Warrior Shredding Program" Missing Chapter

    This "missing chapter" was originally in the main Shredding Program manual, but it was SO powerful that I had to take it out and turn it into it's own guide. Most people don't know the secrets in this chapter, which is why so few of us walk around with definition year-round. But once you follow this advice, achieving that lean body with a defined 6-pack could be easier than you ever thought possible.

  • 4 Warrior Shredding Program F.A.Q. Guide

    After you go through the entire program, you'll likely have questions. That's expected. So what I've done is compiled all the questions I get asked most frequently about the program and putting it into action and I've turned that into a separate "FAQ" guide. Use this as a supplement to implementing the Warrior Shredding Program and you'll be on the fast track to results!

In-depth Workout Training Videos

Every Aspect of The System Covered!


Losing Fat Has Never Been So Effortless...


Have you ever tried diets that are so grueling that they put you in a bad mood?

I have dozens of times. Some diets have even made me lose my sex drive...

Everyone wants to be in shape, but if diets are doing that to you are they really worth it?

The Kinobody Shredding Program is completely different...

You don’t need to spend a fortune on preparing 6 meals per day or spend 2 hours in the gym every day. In fact I have been able to drop my body fat below 10% by eating 2-3 large meals per day and exercising 3 times per week...

The nutrition plan I have created is designed to work with your natural instincts so you feel energetic, focused and deeply satisfied, while staying in a calorie deficit and burning fat.


>> WARRIOR Shredding Program <<


Kino Chef: The Kinobody Cookbook

Le 23 September 2015, 06:06 dans Humeurs 0


Kino Chef: The Kinobody Cookbook

50 Mouthwatering Recipes For Promoting a Lean & Chiseled Physique


Kino Chef is a completely unique cookbook for people who want to eat delicious, healthy and downright satisfying meals that fit into their calories and macros.

This cookbook is designed to support your physique goals through proper balance and ratio of fats, carbs and protein - all backed by scientific research and clinical studies.

Kino Chef is divided into 3 primary sections:

  • Main Meals
  • Side Dishes
  • Small Meals & Desserts

This allows you to “mix and match” the meals to best fit your lifestyle and fitness goals…

On top of that, this nutrition strategy is designed with intermittent fasting and flexible dieting in mind – the two key strategies for effortless fat loss and an amazing life.

No other cookbook out there incorporates these two strategies while focusing on proper, balanced macronutrient ratios.

Here are a handful of the scrumptious 50+ recipes you’ll find inside Kino Chef…



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