Component #1:

Aggressive Fat Loss (Main Manual)


This is the full, detailed plan for aggressively shedding body fat using a strategic approach to dieting.

Inside is everything you need to implement the program:

How the program works, how to strategically incorporate it into your lifestyle, how to set up the entire plan... Nothing is left out.

This plan was specifically designed to get you the fastest results possible and start losing body fat TODAY.


Component #2:
Aggressive Fat Loss Audio Companion (MP3)

In addition to the main guide in PDF format, you'll also receive the audio companion to the Aggressive Fat Loss course on MP3!

I created this audio companion for you to listen to anywhere you are - even on the go!

Put it on your iPod or phone and listen to it as you work out, on the way to work or anywhere you need to.


Component #3:
Aggressive Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

Starting any new program can be tough.

So to ensure you always know exactly what to do on this nutrition protocol, I've condensed the entire Aggressive Fat Loss course down into a "Cheat Sheet".

This short and sweet Cheat Sheet is your entire fat loss blueprint handed to you in one bite-sized file.

Use this to quickly reference the entire plan at a glance so you'll always know exactly to do!


Component #4: Hypnosis For Mental Programming & Behavioral Change

The biggest issue people face in smashing their fitness goals is behavioral change. It’s HARD to change our behaviors.

But when you train and eat in the most effective and efficient way to reach our goals, it takes care of almost everything.

Suddenly leaning down and building a great body becomes almost effortless.

That said, in many cases, until you remold your self image, you will almost always revolt and sabotage yourself, usually on an unconscious level. This is where the self hypnosis and mental conditioning drill comes into play. You can align your self with the person you want to be on a very deep level.


Component #5:
Becoming Present And Conquering Your Goals

Learning the ability to become present in your day to day life is easily one of the most effective skills you can develop in life.

The Presence Guide will have a direct and positive influence on your fitness journey.

There will be ease, lightness and joy in your fitness journey. There will no longer be this compulsive need to arrive at some destination and you will be able to greatly enjoy the adventure.

Everything in life will transform. Work, business, dating, fitness...

I share this with all of my personal coaching clients because it has been one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life.

Component #6:
The Science of Fasting

The Science of Fasting teaches you the powerful benefits that intermittent fasting has on both fat loss, muscle growth and health.

You'll also learn the most effective style of fasting way for purposes of fat loss, recomposition and to support a great lifestyle. Finally, you'll learn my key strategies to making intermittent fasting pretty damn effortless!

It took years of fasting to learn this and I'm excited to share it with you.

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